like what happened to summer wasn’t yesterday June 1st

how is it possible that I have school tomorrow how how how


If you are not wholeheartedly against the police and the corrupt government of the USA and the gross racial inequality in this country

You are a direct part of the problem in this country. Your silence is a problem. Your approval is a problem. If you are not combatant, you are the problem, you are my direct enemy, and the enemy of all good in this world.

some of you are complete fucking imbeciles



One time during my freshmen year of college I forgot to do a history paper that was worth 20% of my grade and the teacher didn’t accept late work, so I waited until the professor handed back the papers and angrily asked where mine was. The teacher felt so bad for losing it he let me re-do the entire paper and gave me an A-

You fucking champ


everything good makes you fat an addict or broke

it must be “hate all white people day” with the amount of bullshit posts I’ve seen about them today



Favourite Australian saying: “have a good one”. Have a good what? We’ll never tell. You’ll never know Australian secrets.

who’s gonna take the 82 hour trip down to no where land to tell these people half the english speaking world uses their apparently exclusive phrases




Its 2013 and I’m still debating over if The Pussycat Dolls said boobies or groupies

Its 2014

woah, its almost as if maybe i made this post last year


"Why do you want this job?"

Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.